Empress Garden, Kavade Mala, Ghorpadi, Pune

A walk to remember by Aparajita Das

"Aparajita Das: 1st prize winner - "Nature Wordsmiths Workshop"

Nature. It is a word, a feeling, an emotion. It is something which has always fascinated me. Of course, named after a dainty blue flower, Aparajita, I am bound to be attracted to it.

It surprised me today, as I walked through the well-maintained Empress Garden, how much you can learn and take away from nature. I was surrounded by greenery. The smell of the fresh soil after the rain refreshed me. I could see different types of flowers planted all around me. Roses, delicate petunias, wild flowers growing by the stream, lotuses, and many more blooming flowers amazed me.

In the plantation nearby, the women and men were sowing seeds. From the look on their faces, they appeared to be enjoying the work in the fields, finding happiness in simplicity.

As I walked on, the air thrummed with the singing of birds. Parrot, Brahminy kite, Cuery flycatcher, Common kestrel, the Indian peacock and numerous other species have made the Garden their home.

While departing from the Garden, a cool breeze gently caressed my face, making me smile. I paused for a second, looking around me. Nature had taught me a very important lesson. Nature is never in a hurry, and yet, everything is always completed on time.

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